Our Commitment To Our Clients:

We will be the best thing that has ever happened to our clients' telecommunications service. To be the best in securing, servicing and maintaining long term business relationships with our clients, we will never lose sight of dealing fairly, honestly and in the best interest of those clients. We will always be there for you in providing service with the highest level of integrity.

Why Deal With Corporate Communications Concepts, Inc.?

  • We Are a Solid Company
    Wholesale Telecommunication Agencies are one of the fastest growing sectors in the telecommunications industry. We will continue to build and maintain our company's reputation.
  • We See Our Clients as Our Most Important Asset
    Our clients' ability to discern drives us to be the best. Every day they vote for us with their continuing patronage.
  • We Are Better Priced
    We compete at a wholesale pricing level because the carriers do not have to pay our representatives a salary. We are paid residually by them to maintain your continuing patronage. Furthermore, to maintain your patronage, our rates must always be competitive.
  • We Offer Better Service
    Because our local agents are being paid to maintain your account for the long term, not sell you and forget about you, we are eager to assist our clients.
  • We Take an Unbiased Approach
    Because we represent the best carriers, we will recommend only the right one to help you achieve your telecommunications objectives.
  • We Will Keep You Informed
    We believe that it is in both, our clients and our own best interest, to keep you correctly informed of new technologies available in the market place.
  • We Are Easy To Do Business With
    By earning your trust, we are being hired to take care of all your telecommunications needs now and into the future, thereby taking the anxiety out of choosing the "best carrier."
  • We Have Integrity
    The success of our company depends on the success of yours. We understand that we are in business together, so we will follow through with our obligations to you.