Company Overview:

Corporate Communications Concepts, Inc. is a Telecommunications and Data Consulting company originally founded in 1997 as a sole proprietorship. In 2003, we incorporated in the State of Florida as Corporate Communications Concepts, Inc., with Jon O. Healy as President/CEO. With over 20 years cumulative experience in the telecommunications industry, we can better serve our clients' needs in today's ever-changing telecommunications environment. We have served, and continue to serve, over 1000 business clients. Our company's growth has been characterized as strong and steady.

We feel, that with the current state of the telecommunications industry, we will be able to capitalize on our key relationships with the carriers we represent. We also feel, that the telecommunications consulting paradigm is changing toward one where service is paramount. This is something that we have always believed in. Thus, we feel we are well positioned for enhanced future growth.

Our clients find the main advantage in dealing with Corporate Communications Concepts, Inc. is that we take a consultative approach to winning and maintaining our client relationships.

We have a whole portfolio of telecommunications carriers that our clients can choose from. We will only recommend a carrier that is right for the given situation. Because we have well developed, key relationships with executives of these carriers, we are able to secure better pricing than one normally could. Furthermore, our clients are considered direct customers of the individual carriers, so service is not sacrificed for savings. On top of that, our clients have local reps backing them 100% of the way.

In a day and age when keeping up with what is going on in the telecommunications industry can fill a full time position, we are here to help our clients make intelligent and risk averse decisions for their voice and data needs. Our niche is fulfilling the needs of businesses that require superior service in administering their telecommunications specifications.

By focusing on our niche, we are able to earn the trust of our clients. This enhances our own business in many ways, the greatest of which is the continued patronage of our clients.